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Digital nomad travel schedule

Celia and I have become digital nomads. This is where we’ll be.

Blanks mean we’re homeless! You can get an auto-updating iCalender version here.

Start dateEnd dateLocation
Saturday 4 June Sunday 3 July Steyning
Sunday 3 July Friday 8 July Rotton Row
Friday 8 July Sunday 17 July Italy
Monday 18 July Friday 22 July London, Mile End
Friday 22 July Sunday 14 August Redditch
Sunday 14 August Sunday 11 September St Leonard’s
Saturday 10 September Tuesday 20 September Rotton Row
Sunday 18 September Sunday 9 October St. Albans
Sunday 9 October Sunday 23 October London, Mile End
Saturday 22 October Saturday 3 December Whitstable
Saturday 3 December Saturday 24 December Rotton Row
Thursday 29 December Saturday 28 January Australia
Saturday 28 January Monday 6 February London, Mile End
Monday 6 February Saturday 4 March London, St. Reatham
Saturday 4 March Saturday 11 March Skiing
Sunday 12 March Tuesday 2 May Rotton Row
Wednesday 22 March Sunday 26 March Barcelona
Wednesday 3 May Saturday 13 May Redditch
Saturday 13 May Saturday 27 May London, Mile End
Sunday 28 May Saturday 3 June Croydon